Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mama (2013) Movie Review

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Watch Mama Online Free. Mama is the lastest horror movie to transmit the influential stamp of being “presented by Guillermo del Toro” – next in the tradition of such films as The Orphanage (2007) and Don’t Be Terrified of the Bleak (2010). Mama tells the story of Victoria (Megan Charpentier) and Lilly (Isabelle Nélisse), two diminutive girls whose tragic family unit history leaves them stranded in the woods for five years’ time.

When their father’s twin brother, Lucas (Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), finally tracks the girls consume, it seems like the reunion is a small miracle; while Lucas’ punk-rock girlfriend Annabel (Jessica Chastain) isn’t exceedingly excited with the hasty modification as of starving artist to maternal figure. It doesn’t help things when Annabel begins to suspect that the girls may not have been fending for themselves out there in the woods. Something watched over them, and is still watching over them in their new home; an entity the girls only refer to (in secretive whispers) as “Mama.”

Typically with these “del Toro presents” films, the acclaimed filmmaker uses his clout to both support a creepy/frightening tale that caught his macabre attention, while also helping to showcase the work of a freshman feature-film director. Stepping up to bat this time is Andrés Muschietti, the writer/director who made the 2008 Mama short film that this feature-length version is based on. Muschietti proves himself to be a visual and conceptual talent, and his film is definitely boosted by the talent of Chastain (in her pre-Oscar nom days) and the two young actresses who serve as its stars. However, while the concepts, acting and construction of the film all show hints of great skill, the execution of the storyline is where Mama fails to capitalize on its own potential.

In terms of direction, Watch Mama Online Free is a pretty strong debut for Muschietti. The cinematography is dark but vibrant (full of earthen tones) and the sequences are all visualized and constructed in sharp, creative ways. Most of the film is confined to two locations (the woodland cabin where the girls are found and a house where Lucas, Annabel and the girls are living) but how Muschietti chooses to use these set pieces and the tight space therein is fairly smart and engaging most of the time. Instead of the usual ‘calm by day, scary by night’ progression, we instead get a lot of clever scare moments executed at all times of day (even broad daylight), using angles and framing to give even mundane moments (like doing laundry) a creepy edge.

At 100 minutes run time, Mama isn’t exactly epic in length – yet it still shows the sort of fatigue and confusion that can often appear when one tries to stretch a short film out to feature length (see also: Shane Acker’s 9). While short stories allow for the quick introduction and immediate payoff of great core concepts, longer formats of storytelling require a pacing and careful balancing of time and attention that Muschietti just can’t quite get right. What we do get is about 60 minutes’ worth of very good and effective ghost story, made to look less attractive by the 40 minutes of fat hanging off of its middle. It’s regrettable since there is so much that the film does well, but as it stands, Mama is just a fairly good time, and would not be a bad call as a future rental. Watch Mama Movie Online

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